World’s 10 Weirdest Christmas Traditions

December 18, 2017 - 10:15am

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weirdest christmas traditions

Weird Christmas Traditions

While our own fascination with fruit cake and socks may be weird enough for some, let us take you around the world to find some of the most bizarre Christmas traditions and lore:

      • Japan: Eats KFC for Christmas
      • Greenland: Likes to eat raw whale skin and decomposed birds
      • Wales: Parades the town carrying a horse skull
      • Ukraine: Decorates trees with spooky spiders
      • India: Makes due with fruit trees
      • The Alps: Watches out for Krampus
      • Iceland: Fears a wardrobe-judging cat
      • Norway: Hides brooms to stave off witches
      • Czech Republic: Throws shoes in hopes of marital bliss
      • Venezuela: Skates to Christmas mass

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Source: World’s 10 Weirdest Christmas Traditions