Meet the candidate: Jordy Smith

By Troy Gillard (Twitter: @Troy_Gillard)
October 11, 2017 - 7:24pm

Jordy Smith is a first-time candidate for Red Deer City Council and is seeking to bring a fresh perspective to the table.

“Red Deer is on the edge of becoming one of the next economic and social hubs in all of Alberta,” Smith said at a recent candidate forum. “We need visionary leaders who can see Red Deer becoming this city, and we need these leaders on City Council."

Part of Smith's platform has been focused on addressing social issues such as homelessness and drug addiction.

"I look to address those by doing what we can to bring a rehabilitation centre to Red Deer, and a 24 hours shelter,” he explained. 

“I’ve also been advocating for city wards. Some have told me they don’t feel Red Deer is big enough for city wards. But wards are an issue of representation, not population, and you deserve to have representation on City Council.”

If elected, Smith also says he would continue to advocate for hospital expansion and for downtown revitalization, saying a city is only as healthy as its downtown core. Polytechnic university for RDC is also a priority for Smith.

When it comes to crime, Smith says on his Facebook page that he’d welcome a move to municipal police force as opposed to RCMP.

He also wants to see City tax dollars spent more effectively.

“North Red Deer has noticeably fallen behind the rest of the city, and tax dollars are being used on projects that do little to grow the economy and help the citizens prosper,” he says on his website.