Meet the candidate: Jim Kristinson

By Troy Gillard (@Troy_Gillard)
October 11, 2017 - 10:27am

First-time Red Deer City Council candidate Jim Kristinson says one of the reasons he is running is he feels the public isn’t being informed enough before a decision is made in council.

“We are being told after the decision is made ‘Here’s what we’ve decided, here’s why you’re going to like it,’” he said during a candidate forum on Oct 4. “City councillors need to be more proactive when communicating with the public.”

Johnson says many of the hot button issues for this year’s election, including crime, poverty and hospital overcrowding, come down to one thing – drugs.

“That needs to be the main focus that we look at. If we can eliminate the drug problem, or address it in some manner, that’s going to affect overcrowding at the hospital. It’s going to affect our crime rate. So that needs to be our key focus.”

Rather than expansion of Red Deer Regional, Kristinson wants to see a push made for a second hospital in our city.

“Alberta Health Services needs to hear from all of Red Deer. When they know there are votes on the line they will put the money into getting us a hospital.”

A former handyman by trade, Kristinson is among several candidates in this year’s election who wants Red Deer move toward having its own municipal police force. 

“It makes a difference,” he said. “I grew up in a city similar to Red Deer. We had a police force where you knew those policemen and they knew who you were. They were involved in the community. Their kids went to school with me. They wanted to be there.”