Meet the candidate: Ted Johnson

By Sheldon Spackman
October 11, 2017 - 9:36am

Ted Johnson says he brings various types of experience to the table in his bid to become a Red Deer City Councillor.

“I have been engaged in a number of different fields over the years,” he told rdnewsNOW. “I have been a small business owner, I was a co-owner of a pharmacy, I started my work life doing organic farming, which at the time was a novelty and I’ve also done contract driving”.

Johnson says crime has motivated him to run for a seat on City Council.

“A couple years ago I was assaulted in downtown Red Deer. The incident took place a little after 7 o’clock. The police did not respond to my situation until after 9 o’clock and I thought that that wasn’t how you address crime. Especially in this case, it was an assault.”

Speaking at an election forum October 4, Johnson told the crowd his vision is to make Red Deer a safe place to live and raise families once more.

“The crime rate in Red Deer must be lowered. Red Deer cannot afford to go another four-year cycle without electing a Council that plans at fully addressing crime, cleaning up the downtown and putting the safety of our citizens first. That means a Municipal Police Force. Statistics show that there is no other effective measure to fight crime at a municipal level.

Another issue that is top of mind for Johnson is traffic light synchronization.

“Red Deer has an antiquated system that was developed back in the 1980’s. You go into other major metropolitan areas and they have a much better traffic light synchronization and that’s something that can help you save time, money, energy and the environment.”

Johnson is one of 29 candidates running for one of eight Red Deer City Councillor positions in the Oct. 16 Municipal Election.