Bouwsema to seek mayor’s chair in Lacombe

By Troy Gillard (Twitter: @Troy_Gillard)
June 8, 2017 - 4:25pm Updated: August 16, 2017 - 3:39pm

The mayor’s race in Lacombe has its first declared candidate.

Current City councillor Peter Bouwsema announced this morning his intention to seek the mayor’s chair.

Bouwsema says he’s been thinking about it for a long time. With the support from family and friends as well as some Lacombe residents, he felt the timing was right.

After serving two terms as councillor, Bouwsema says he’s learned a lot about how the City operates and the processes that are necessary to get things done, particularly in terms of development, which he says will be one of the mainstays of his platform.

“I believe that the City is at the cusp of new development coming up. I can see some great things happening the next four years,” he says.

Bouwsema sees the potential for a lot of growth and development on the north as well as east and west. He added there are numerous approvals in place at this time which helps projects move forward that much quicker.

“We’ve agreed as a council to move forward on servicing the west area and we are going through the process of making sure that happens. We’ve also worked on an outlined plan approval for the north area which is north of Henners Landing.”

Bouwsema has owned and operated PJB Design Consultants in Lacombe since 1989 and has lived in the community since 1984.

On top of the encouragement Bouwsema says he has received from citizens, he said his wife has been on board as well.

“I wouldn’t do it if she wasn’t behind me. There’s absolutely no question if she wasn’t in support I wouldn’t be doing this,” said Bouwsema.

While he admits that he and his wife don’t know all of the ins and outs of running for or being mayor, he feels confident that they can do the research as they go along and make decisions on the information they’re able to gather.

“I really look forward to the next number of months to get together with citizens and chat or talk and discuss what they feel are their visions for the City,” said Bouwsema.

Current Lacombe mayor Steve Christie announced last month he will not be seeking a third term.

This year's municipal election in Alberta takes place on October 16.