City Councillors gearing up to seek re-election

By rdnewsNOW staff
May 25, 2017 - 6:35am Updated: August 16, 2017 - 3:30pm

Red Deerians can expect to see a lot of familiar names on the ballot when they go to elect the next city council this fall.

Six of the nine current council members tell rdnewsNOW they will be seeking another term in office in the October 16 municipal election. 

Mayor Tara Veer, however, continues to be tight-lipped regarding her plans.

“I’ll be formally indicating my intentions in the coming weeks. I continue to be focused on governing,” she says.

Most of her council colleagues say they are excited for a chance to serve for four more years.

“Hopefully, people think I have done a decent job and will re-elect me,” says three-term councillor Buck Buchanan. “I find that I feel things are undone or still require doing. Of course [with] this election is the anticipation of the [2019] Winter Games. In 2018 we host the AUMA Conference here in Red Deer and I have been active on that Board for the last few years and of course here is always the Policing thing.”

Ken Johnston also plans to seek another term, his second. He kicked off his re-election campaign last weekend at Red Deer’s Public Market.

“I want to see the work that I and Council devoted to Community Safety and Policing progress this next term,” Johnston tells us. “As well I want us to retain our focus on sound Capital and Operating budgets, community amenities, the Winter Games, Riverlands and north of 11A development, Social housing and supports, and our overall quality of life we treasure so much in this city.”

Johnston adds that the support he’s received since the passing of his wife, Isabelle has helped inspire him to continue fighting for better healthcare in Red Deer.

“From our journey of over four months in the ICU, I learned much about the challenges faced by our doctors, nurses, physiotherapists and others at our local hospital. We are in an acute need for virtually every medical service, especially cardiac care,” he says.

Tanya Handley will be seeking re-election, wanting to continue bringing a fiscally conservative viewpoint to council and Red Deerians are getting the best value for their tax dollars.

“I introduced a motion to have the City's allowable debt limit lowered and it is now policy. As a member of the Audit committee I would like to continue to work on the City's Financial Leadership charter. I have enjoyed my time on Council and would love to continue,” Handley explained.

Lawrence Lee tells rdnewsNOW he feels compelled to take what he’s learned in his first term to help further the state of our city.

“Each and every day I reflect on decisions and actions I take on behalf of all Red Deerians – I ask what am I doing today to make Red Deer better for tomorrow,” Lee says.

Dianne Wyntjes confirmed she will be running again by saying, "I still have that passion for municipal politics and desire to serve our city."

Lynne Mulder, one of the two longest-serving city councilors along with Frank Wong, says she will be seeking her fifth term in office. Mulder says she’d love to around for the development of the Riverlands, the 2019 games, AUMA conference, and implementation of the new safety strategy.

As for Wong, he also remains undecided, but says friends continue to encourage him to stay on given he’s the only councillor who lives in the city's north end, where he says residents continue to be underserved.

Paul Harris says he will make his decision in September.