The continuing story of "Mr. B.C."

March 19, 2017 - 10:40am Updated: March 20, 2017 - 9:54am

We never really knew for sure how old B.C. was when we found him. His vets estimated he could have been anywhere between two, going on five.

That being said he would see a lot of his vet over the years. Dr. Lisa Lomsnes was his go to girl for the majority of his life until passing.

It seemed like every year B.C. would come up with some sort of allergic reaction.

His first bout of problems would hinder his health, a little bit, for the rest of his life.

We could not understand why, every spring, B.C. would develop a breathing problem, coughing, sores in his mouth, drooling and bad breath. 

He was treated with steroids for a couple of years until he was diagnosed as having an allergy to the sap on Poplar tree sticky buds. We had two big Poplar trees in our Sunnybrook yard and B.C. would chew those buds from his fur and paws thus causing the problem.

Solution… As spring was arriving, at the first sign of a sticky bud, he would be packed off to my sister Sherry and brother-in-law Tony’s in Innisfail.

No Poplar trees in their yard. He became one spoilt dog.

Sherry would come home from work to the smell of something good grilling on the BBQ.

No it wasn't steak or burgers for the humans – they’d have to settle for mac ‘n’ cheese – it was big marrow bones for B.C. He really began to look forward to his annual two to four week holiday and his marrow bones with Sherry and Tony.

He was spoiled rotten by the time it was safe for him to come back home to us.

Here come the fleas...

It was Sunday night, not long after getting back from a slo-pitch tourney in Rimbey.

B.C. would not stop licking his fur. He kept on licking and licking right through the night.

It was off to the vets first thing in the morning only to find out Mr. B.C. had a new allergy: flea saliva.

There was only a single bite found, but it left him looking like he’d been in a car crash. Once the affected area was shaved it was discovered the rash, and it looked like road rash, had spread to the whole underside of his body.

It took only 24 hours and we were sent home with more meds and a nearly bald dog sporting the "Cone of Shame." All his furry pantaloons, tummy, back, and most of the hair on his chest and lower neck was gone. B.C. dragged that cone on the ground for the rest of the week.

That coming weekend it was off to another slo-pitch tourney in Medicine Hat, with B.C. wearing his hated “medicine hat.”

However, he quickly discovered if he looked pathetic enough wearing that darn cone, and rested his chin and batted those big brown eyes on a convenient lap, all forms of sympathy and treats would come his way.

At yet another slo-pitch tourney at Content Bridge and a scorching hot summer’s day, everybody and their dogs headed down to the Red Deer River.

We had two natural blondes on our team, one long haired, long legged young lady, and one long haired blonde dog.

Guess what? They were the only two to come back from the weekend with swimmers itch!

As those T.V. ads state, “But wait there's more!” Well, at least one more.

It was also during another summer month and playing ball that we noticed that Mr. B.C. seemed to be having trouble peeing and again it was off to the vets first thing the next morning.

Turns out he couldn’t digest the ash in his dry dog food and it was clogging up his urinary tract. He also had to have his bladder drained.

We were lucky as it was near the point of busting – whew – just in time! An operation also had to be done on his woo hoo. While it was a success, his hose spray became more like a garden sprinkler, plus a special diet for the rest of his days.

To be continued… up next B.C's fountain of youth, a little black puppy named Daina.

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