Hypnosis for Health and Happiness

Are you suffering from excess Fat?  Finding it difficult to breathe from Smoking?  Or are you Stressed Out or in Pain?  At Hypnosis for Health and Happiness we can find a solution to your problems.  If you are struggling to find a program that fits your needs we are here to help you reach your goal.  Let’s face it, you have tried every diet or trick out there and you have not been able to succeed through just will power.  Make it easier on yourself and discover how you can harness the power of your mind to change your life.  Hypnosis provides solutions to everyday problems and lets you address the real issues and create meaningful, permanent change.

Increase your confidence and belief in your success by controlling your own thoughts.  Create real goals and succeed!  We keep our programs simple so you can easily reach and maintain your goals.  Each client is screened to make sure they are a good hypnotic candidate and we design a program that is right for you.

We offer a Free Hypnotic Screening to see if you can be accepted as a client in our Professional Facilities as well as a Service Guarantee for many of our programs.  Our clients enjoy home audios that support the live sessions and increase success through home support.

Our Services

Weight Loss

Stop Smoking

Stress Management

Pain Relief

Hypnosis Training (Learn Hypnosis or Become a Hypnotist)  

Do you want to learn a new career or maximize your effectiveness in your current job?  Are you unsatisfied with your income?  Learn hypnosis and change your way your world spins.  Take control of your life by learning how to effectively communicate or gain rapport with your clients and increase your income.  Take Self Improvement Hypnosis Training or earn to become a hypnotist with Basic and Advanced Hypnosis Training or discover Neurolinguistic Programming with us, The Canadian Hypnosis Academy.


You can call now for your Free Screening 403-33-HYPNO

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